Halloween Cookies HD

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Halloween Cookies - Pumpkins, Ghosts, Monsters, Creatures, and Much, Much, More!

Halloween Cookies is here! Get ready to build your own incredible Halloween themed cookie creations! Build all of your favorites like Frankenstein, Witches, Skeletons, and much, much more!

What Halloween cookie do you like? A fun ghost? How about a classic Pumpkin with a smiley face? Decide what type of cookie you would like to have. How many of them do you want? How about 5 different pumpkins! With Halloween Cookies, you can create all types of yummy Halloween themed creations. There are countless possibilities! Pretend to eat them too!

Mmmmmmm good! Then start all over again. As a bonus, you can even save your creations to your camera roll and email them to your friends. Download Halloween Cookies today!!

Supports iPad 1 and 2.